Escorts all over germany by Marie

Meet fabulous Escort Ladies all over Germany

Are you visiting Germany a lot, steadily traveling from city to city and are you feeling lonely after hard day of work? Fortunately, there are renowned Escort Agencies like Sweet Passion Escort that work all over Germany!
Our nationwide Escort Service liaises meetings with our attractive, educated and charming companions at any time and for every occasion – it does not matter how you would like to spend your precious time with our Escort Ladies all over germany !

High Class Escorting – Outcalls and Companionship all over Germany

Sweet Passion Escort mediates meetings with charismatic, intelligent and charming Women. In short, our Escort Service gives every Gentleman exactly that, what he is looking for! For whom who is looking for a snug and beautiful Companion, be it for an important business meeting oder a nice evening in a restaurant, our nationwide Escort Service offers the perfect companion.
Even if you only want to relax after a hard day at an exhibition or a business meeting, the Escort Ladies of Sweet Passion are what you are looking for! You will always feel at home with our sweet and passionate Ladies.

A fabulous night in the city or a nice companion for your dinner

Gentlemen who want to impress their colleagues or clients with a sexy partner, for a society event, an exhibition or a business dinner, won’t go wrong with a stylish and eloquent Lady of Sweet Passion Escort who will draw all the looks on her. Each and every Lady is well educated and knows how to present herself with style in every situation. That doesn’t mean that the the Lady wouldn’t like to flirt – quite the contrary!
Discover our nationwide Escort Service all over Germany. After a long and exhausting business day, when you just want to spend a few relaxing hours with a nice companion or for multiple hours or even days of intimate companionship, our Escort Ladies can visit you in every German City and on any of your trips.
Our Ladies are always friendly and in the best mood. They will let you forget your sorrows and will keep your secrets true, as confidentiality and the wellbeing of the gentleman are their first priorities. They will lend you their ears and their shoulders. And be assured that everything that happens behind closed doors will stay a sweet secret between the Gentleman and the Lady, forever…

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Our New Website ! by Marie

Dear Gentleman,

welcome to our new website ! We changed the style of our website and hope you will like it!

Now you are able to select our ladies – You can choose your preferred hair color, city, size and much more. Just click on the picture of your preferred lady to get more information about her 😉

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information or questions.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,

Marie-Sophie and the Sweet Passion Ladies

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Welcome Ciara from Cologne by Admin

Welcome Ciara from Cologne

An oriental beauty with charme, a youthful zest for life , who is offering full service. Uncomplicated, sweet and sexy – This is Ciara. Ciara is looking for special moment to escape from her student life for a while to see small adventures. Do you want to get mor information about the adorably student from cologne? Here you will find her portfolio with our new pictures 🙂

I am looking forward for your call or email.

Sincerely, Marie-Sophie

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The erogenous zones of our Escortladies by Admin

The erogenous zones of our Escortladies

Sweet Passion Escort will reveal today the intimate secrets of our escort ladies. Each of our attractive escort ladies has certain preferences and particular parts of the body which will when being touched and cared lead to ecstasy. Of course we will not tell you all the secrets, because eventually you will discover the wonderful parts of your escort lady’s bodies yourself. Erogenous zones like the nipples, the pubic mound or the inner thighs belong to the classical parts of the body and are very appreciated by our escorts. Embark on your next meeting Escort to a sensually pleasurable expedition.

Caresses on the neck will drive escort lady Stella crazy

Our escort lady Stella loves seductive glances. The refined, yet pleasurable, game with the eyes makes her always crazy. When making love she must simply observe how her gentleman caresses her delicate body parts with his mouth and conquers her little by little again. It gives her a very special kick to look deeply into his eyes, just before the climax. Stella becomes almost defenseless if you caress her neck tenderly and breath in her scent. What Stella drives to ecstasy? Dirty talk at a high level! Whisper in her ear what you intend to do with her.

Escort Yasmin loves gentle head massage

Escort Yasmin is the youngest of our escort ladies and has a very special affectation. During lovemaking Yasmin likes it when your hands go through her hair and tenderly massage her head. This works particularly well when sitting. Lustful “nibble” at her nipples and escort Yasmin will become almost insane. If you simultaneously grab firmly her buttocks with your hands, the ecstasy for Yasmin is inevitable.

Escort Lady Luisa weakness

The pretty escort lady Luisa likes to be booked as a duo with our attractive escort Annabelle. Lusia enjoys a very special way when Annabelle caress her pleasure points. Annabelle in turn gets hot when the Gentleman is watching them and even lays hands on himself. But even if you have Luisa booked alone, you can have lot of fun with her. She has a weakness for sensual kisses on the neck. Let your tongue circling or caress Luisa with a feather. You will be surprised how Escort Lady Luisa responds to these stimuli!

Escort Lady Annabelle loves foot massages in the bathtub

Our lovely escort Annabelle has also revealed us an intimate secret. She loves to lie in a large bath with her gentleman and thereby receiving a feet massage. Do not be afraid to kiss her feet and tenderly caress her sweet toes with your tongue. Tender sucking ensures a pleasurable moan that will surely animate you to explore the body of your escort on.

Legs & thushy are the most erogenous spots on Nina’s body

Escort Lady Nina likes to be discovered! Explore Ninas body in a sensual way with hands and your mouth. Nina has a predilection for nylons, which put her shapely legs very sexy into scene. No wonder that her legs and her buttocks are among the most enjoyable places where she wants to be touched. Gentle caressing her butt increases her desire immeasurably. Tip: Treat your escort lady with an extensive butt massage with warm oil and gentle strokes. Nina will return this lustful pleasure, in her own personal way.

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High Class Escort Luisa in Miami Beach by Admin


High Class Escort Luisa in Miami Beach

Our beautiful Escortlady Luisa is on Tour in Miami Beach from 27.06 until 03.07. Poor Gentlemen who would like to meet Luisa in Düsseldorf, but happy ones who are in Miami Beach 😉

Are you looking for an adventure full of passion in Miami Beach? No problem – just give me a call. I am sure Luisa will enjoy a few hours of pleasure.

Sincerely, Marie-Sophie

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Sauna Escort – a special experience with your escort lady by Admin

A sauna experience with a difference

Our escort ladies love wellness, especially visits to the sauna. Have you ever had the desire to live out your lust in a sauna with an attractive and highly erotic lady? Fulfil this dream with Sweet Passion Escort! Comforting warmness, naked bodies and the exciting idea of ​​being caught, provide a special kick in the sauna. With Sweet Passion Escort you will find the right escort lady, for exciting love games in the sauna.

Escort sauna experience

My escort ladies tell me again and again about exciting love games in the sauna. The stimulating scent and the delicate splendor of the hot body is very beguiling. The dreamlike silhouette your escort lady attracts all men’s attention. But your sexy escort lady has eyes only for you. She wants nothing more eagerly than to feel your hand under her towel. When you are alone, you feel how her fingers find their way to your pleasure center. You remember how the blood begins to pulsate in you. The gentle, fragrant steam heats you up and you can observe how pearls of sweat gutter down between the shapely breasts of your escort lady. Your escort lady knows exactly how to drive you crazy. She loosens her towel, spreads easily her legs allows you a peek on her voluptuous lips. Now the beads of sweat run down the mons up over her tender love lips. You follow the salty drops with your eyes. The game of mind becomes unbearable, when the lady suddenly and gently takes your hand. She leads your hand close to her ruttish mouth and you can not wait to play with your fingers. You hear a low moan, which heats you up even more. Now your escort lady firmly embraces your hot and hard prick and puts him to boil by rubbing gently up and down until this bursts out all over her beautifully shaped breasts. This is what your lovemaking in the sauna could be like…

Escort recommendation for exciting love games in the sauna

Even more exclusive is a spa suite. This is equipped with a bio sauna, a steam shower and a whirlpool. There you can take care about your escort lady without any disturbance or other distraction and live out exciting love games. Afterwards you can relax in the hot tub together.

Pool Suite in character Höhne | Diisseldorferstrasse 253 | 40822 Mettmann | Phone: +49 2104 778 – 0 |
Escort sauna adventure in Dusseldorf

In At this point I want to recommend you a hotel where you can live out your love games in the sauna. In the Lindner Congress Hotel there is a spa with a bio sauna. The soothing 60 degrees are very pleasant and made for exciting love games in the sauna. Another advantage: In the sauna fit a maximum of 4 persons. The likelihood that you are alone with your escort lady is therefore large. And in case someone stops by, you just stop for a moment and come back later. These small interruptions can be very erotic. Each time you might get caught making love, stop, wait – to then to go on again.
Sauna in Hotel Lindner Congress Dusseldorf | Liège Straße 130 | 40547 Dusseldorf | Tel .: +49 211 5997 0 |

Treat yourself with exciting love games in the sauna, with our attractive escort ladies from Sweet Passion Escort NRW.

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